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Board Members

Dan Bruner, President,

Dave Raad, Vice President

Tom Baloun, Secretary,

Mat Ornelas, Treasurer

Gary Walz, Board Member

Steve Kozel, Board Member

Bill Hughes, Athletic Officer,


Parker Louks, Varsity Head Coach,

Dominic Santiago, JV Head Coach,

Gavin Carroll, Varsity Assistant Coach,

Wes Koenig, JV Assistant Coach

Zack Jensen, Teener Head Coach

Dylan Bender, Teener Assistant Coach

Bill Hughes

Baseball and Post 164, in particular, have no greater supporters than Bill Hughes.  His coach’s voice can be heard offering batters, pitchers, and fielders encouraging advice throughout not just the varsity but also during the junior varsity and Teener games.  He enjoys watching the boys develop their skills over time. After the games, you can find Bill behind the home dugout, talking with parents, players, and coaches about the game.  He never misses an opportunity to talk baseball or praise a young man for his performance.  

            For those not familiar with Bill, he coached both Little League and VFW Teeners as well as serving as an assistant coach for the baseball team at Black Hills State College.  During 1959 and 1960, he was the Post 164 assistant coach and served as head coach during the summers of 1961, 1962, 1966, and 1967.  Bill also served behind the plate as a faithful umpire for Little League, VFW Teeners, American Legion, college level, and semi-pro Basin League games.

            He was on the original task force for the planning and development of Black Hills Energy Stadium, Post 164’s current facility.  He also chairs the Spearfish Knights of Columbus American Legion Baseball Benefit Pancake Breakfast, raising donations averaging $1,000.00 per year.  Bill gets behind all other fundraisers as well, selling season passes to community members. Bill is stepping down this year as the Spearfish Post 164 Athletic Officer and the American Legion representative on the Spearfish American Legion Baseball Board, after over 50 years of dedicated service. We want to extend a sincere thank you to Coach Bill Hughes, for putting his heart into Spearfish Post 164 American Legion Baseball for over 50 years. We'll see you at the ballpark coach!

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